Thursday, November 5, 2009

Clean sweep for the Dems in W. Washington

It looks as though the democrats will have a clean sweep in election 09, in all major issues and positions in Western Washington. As I sit here stunned (maybe I shouldn't be) looking at the latest election results, I'm curious to hear your opinions on why we again voted for the same ol' business as usual in Washington State. After seeing Boeing shipping thousands of jobs to S.C. due to a lack of a competitive business atmosphere here in the state, and many more budget blunders I wonder why or how people aren't changing there opinions of our local politicians.

Referendum 71: Fair and equal rights or overstepping the governments role in morality

After what seems to be the passing of Referendum 71 I am curious to hear your thoughts on how this will affect our state. Many have stated that approving this will eat away at the moral fabric of our country. Do you agree, disagree? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hutchison And Constantine Debate The Issues

See link for commentary from debate. Although no real experience in local politics (that may not be a bad thing) I am beginning to like what Susan Hutchison has to say. Its hard to argue that what we have is working. See link for more.

Port Chief Highest Paid In The Country??? When Will It End

You might ask what does the newest savior of Husky Football have to do with a Port CEO being overpaid? Great question. Did many of you know that Husky Head Football Coach, Steve Sarkisian is actually a government employee. And not only is he an employee, he is currently the highest paid state employee.

In a year of economic downturn, politicians nationwide are asking us the loyal tax payer to tighten up our belts and be prepared to do with less. Yet Congress voted to receive a cost of living increase for there "steller" performance. Wealth Daily's, Ian Cooper has a great article discussing congressional pay. Now just when we in Seattle thought our politicians couldn't stoop to any lower lows, we hear today courtesy of the Seattle Times, that The Port of Seattle is deciding whether or not to go ahead with a 10% raise for its Port CEO Tay Yoshitani. I find myself having the urge to vomit every time I hear a "public servant" ( I use that term very loosely) getting another wage increase. I think the key word that is misused is servant. What happened to the era of people going into city and local political positions because they wanted to make a difference. With the soon to be highest paid Port CEO in the country we have to wonder where that servanthood went. As a firefighter locally in the King County area, I get paid a fair wage and work hard for it, sacrificing my time and body to help the community. Can we really say the same for many of our highest paid local government employees. Some will argue, that the government employees getting paid what they do, is fair because they are only being payed what they are worth Yet in government where the politicians decide there own pay how can this be a substantiated fact. With lobbying and back door handshake agreements how can we trust the decisions our politicians are making on our behalf? Do you ever remember voting to increase Governor Christine Gregoire's Salary after hearing about our huge budget shortfall. Or after looking at the sorry state of Washington's local roads did we vote to increase WSDOT Employee Wages. Absolutely not. I know this is a bit hypothetical but it begs the question. Anyone have a thought or fact on this topic?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glenn Beck to Seattle!!!

Just a reminder that Glenn Beck will be coming to Safeco Field, Sept. 26th. "Take the Field" with Glenn Beck is sponsored by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. Follow the link below to purchase tickets or to find out more information about this event.

New Video Compilation on ACORN

Thanks to Newsy for this video compilation on ACORN.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Washington State November Elections

With two democrats headlining the Seattle mayoral race, as a conservative do you vote for? Joe Mallahan & Mike McGinn will go head to head for the Seattle Mayors Position and honestly I'm not excited by either one. Washington has a top two primary system which allows for the top two candidates (they could be from the same party) to make it to the general election in November and thus keeping a conservative out of the Seattle mayors race this year. I would like to get peoples opinions on the candidates for all major positions in Washington State, as well as Referendum 71, and Tim Eyman's latest, Initiative 1033. Who and what will you be voting for and why. Lets start the discussion.

ACORN at it again.

ACORN has recently come under fire for inappropriate and quite possibly illegal advice given to a supposed "pimp" and his "prostitute" looking for advice on how to evade paying taxes and how to get government loans and funding. After posting the undercover video's online and getting air time on Sean Hannity's Fox News Program, ACORN and its suspect practices have been brought to light again. Thanks to and Andrew Breitbart ACORN can no longer claim that conservatives are coming after them because of race or other absurd reasons. After receiving over $54,000,000 from the federal government in recent years should we expect that ACORN will get investigated thoroughly and to the fullest extent of the law. Or will this be another case of politics as usual, with a hand slap and under the table agreements.

Follow the link to view the undercover video's and let me know what you think.

Has anyone been to, or had dealings with the local Seattle ACORN affiliate. Here is the address for our local ACORN office.

Real Clear Politics also has some great information on ACORN. I think it is imperative that as american citizens we know where our tax dollars are going, and who is supporting our president, and who our president supports. The latest stimulus package had over a billion dollars of our hard earned tax dollars going to ACORN and other organizations like them.

Healthcare NOW! Or is it dead?

Why all the rush to get health care reformed by blowing the system up and starting over with our inefficient government running it? In an era of technology and amazing health advances, most created here in the USA, why not take a look at other ways to save money. Many on the hill have suggested Tort Reform. Doctor's and healthcare providers nationwide have mentioned that almost 30% of their costs are due to frivolous lawsuits. Why not reform our legal and judicial system in regards to healthcare and the frivolous lawsuits that are taking place daily. Recently House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), stated that the current healthcare legislation is dead. Why not look at alternative and much less expensive ways to reform healthcare, starting with Tort Reform? Your thoughts?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guess Which State???

Can you guess which state was the only state out of all 50, that had a decrees in unemployment rates for December 2008??? Thats right I hate to say one man's praises so much but all of the Obama fans are used to doing that on a regular basis. But once again Governor Bobby Jindal is in the news, and once again its a good thing he is. According to the Louisiana workforce commission, the jobless rate decreased and Louisiana actually had an increase in employement by over 6,000 jobs. How did Bobby and the state do this you might ask? LOWERED TAXES. In another related story Joe Biden claims that Bobby Jindal doesn't know how to handle his own state's economic crisis, in yet another misspoken mistake by Joe Biden. He says, "But what I don't understand from Governor Jindal is what would he do? Louisiana there's 400 people a day losing their jobs, what's he doing?" asks Joe Biden while on the Early Show. See the second article link below for more information on this story. Sadly this and many other blunders by Vice President Biden get overlooked by the main stream media, yet Sarah Palin can't tie her shoes without getting critisized. Again why do we need and want the Fairness Doctrine???

Go Louisiana Go

Biden Makes Another Blunder

Honoring our Forefathers???

Honoring our Forefathers???
As I read the history of our country I often wonder what would our forefathers think of our new "Democracy". Click the picture for a great article on our founders from